Selling your house is all about YOU. With your permission, allow us to talk you through your options, so that you can make the best decision to get the outcome you need. At all times, you’re in full control.

Selling Your House Quick: We make it Fast and Easy


To sell your house fast, you’ll need to tell us that you are serious about selling your house quickly by completing the 30-second enquiry form on the right. We can’t do this bit for you, so why not do it right now? Strike while the iron is hot!


Shortly after submitting your enquiry, we’ll call you to discuss your specific needs and put together a no obligation offer that meets your needs for you to consider.


Once agreed, we’ll the best legal teams in Wales will guide you through sale process from start to finish to ensure that you achieve your outcome. Once your house is sold, you can move on with your life.

Why Sell Your House to House Buyers Wales?

You’ve probably noticed that there are a number of ‘quick house sale’ companies offering to buy your house fast, and you’re probably wondering why you should contact us:
  • The Price We Say is the Price We Pay. This is really important: Unlike many of the larger, national companies that you’ve read about in the news, once your sale is agreed we will never drop the price on you.
  • We are Real, Genuine Cash House Buyers. Most of our competitors are actually just overpriced Estate Agents! We are actual house buyers and we buy houses.
  • We know South Wales. We’re proudly Welsh and we help people like you sell your house within the Welsh housing market.
  • We’re Experienced. Between us we have over 25 years of local house buying experience.
  • We’re Fast. We have our own real cash funds and established commercial financing.
  • We bring Certainty. One in three UK sales fall through. We are experienced investment buyers with real cash and we are not reliant on the banks saying ‘yes’. As professional buyers, we have a very strong track record. When we say we will buy, it means we will buy.
  • We’re Open and Honest. We’re not pushy salesmen and we don’t use high-pressure sales technieques or sneaky mind tricks (we’ll leave that to our competitors). Let’s be honest here, neither estate agents nor quick sale companies enjoy a particularly good reputation — and mostly for good reason! There’s a lot of fluff and nonsense in the property market and we pride ourselves on being different from the other operators. We’ll openly talk you through all your options–including those in which there is no benefit to us–so you can make an informed choice about whether a fast house sale is right for you.
  • No Fees. Free valuation and offer. No estate agent fees, no solicitors fees. When you sell to us, we will pay all your fees.
  • We’re Win-Win: We understand that selling your house fast must work for both of us. Without a deal working for you first, then it’s kind of obvious to say that there’s not going to be any deal for us!
  • We Bring Closure. A fast and certain sale brings closure to your property problems and allows you to move on with your life.
We’d love for you to allow us the opportunity to help you to sell your house, solve your property problems so that you move on with your life.

To get started, complete our 30-second enquiry form on this page.

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