National Homebuyers based in Cardiff Bay, South Wales that want to help you to sell your house quickly anywhere in South Wales. We buy any house in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and The Valleys.

House Buyers Wales, lead by David Bartlett (see below), is a tight team of genuine fast cash buyers and property investors who are in the business of helping people like you to sell your house for cash.

Unlike traditional estate agents, who tempt you onto their marketing contract with a guide valuation and suggested asking price, at House Buyers Wales we don’t give you a valuation: We give you a fast cash offer and can actually buy your property.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that the traditional estate agent market doesn’t work for everyone – and it certainly hardly ever works within the reasonable timescale that most sellers generally expect. Even if a satisfactory sale price is agreed, the traditional sale process can drag on for months leaving you stuck where you are and unable for more on. Worse still, recent statistics confirm that one in three traditional house sales fall through, often months into the costly conveyancing process, sending you back to square one, with a failed legal bill that might cost thousands to settle before you try again. Many sellers are frustrated that their problem property remains unsold and on their mind, preventing them from moving on – sometimes physically, sometimes mentally.

As a fast, private property buyer we offer an alternative outcome that we believe that you should explore to see whether we can get you a better solution. We have a range of potential options which might work for you.

Whether you want the fastest house sale possible or the best sale price achievable for your property, get in touch and tell us what you need to happen. If we can help you, we will – and we’ll do it fast.

When you contact us, we’ll have a brief conversation on the phone to see figure out what kind of options might work for you and, assuming we believe that we can help you achieve your aims, we will book an appointment to view your property and make you a firm offer. Unlike many ‘corporate’ house buyers, we do not charge any fees to come out to you.

About David Bartlett

I’m David Bartlett and I’m a full-time professional home buyer and property investor. I’m proudly Welsh (originally from Newport) and now live on the outskirts of Cardiff so that I can quickly jump onto the M4 motorway to provide fast, free valuations and cash offers for property like yours anywhere in South Wales.

Hopefully, you’ve already seen my short 2 minute introduction video which I’m sure will convince you that I’m a real human being and not a slick salesperson! Also, I’d invite you to check-out our real-life genuine reviews and testimonials from other happy sellers that have sold their house to us. If you need further assurance of our products, services and ethics, I’d be happy to arrange a meeting between you and our past clients.

I personally guarantee that your situation will be treated on an individual basis and your full confidentiality is assured. My team and I are most genuine and straight-forward: you won’t find any well dressed, slick sales people in my organisation using clever mind tricks or high-pressure tactics to convince you to sell to us! We have a genuine requirement to buy property in South Wales: If you have a genuine requirement to sell your house then we should talk, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out together.