[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Who are House Buyers Wales?” open=”yes”]House Buyers Wales are a South Wales-focused cash house buyer that offers a fast and guaranteed alternative to using a tradition estate agent. Founded by David Bartlett, his small team are professional property buyers with over 25 combined years of local property buying experience throughout South Wales.

We are proudly Welsh and seek to help people whose lives are being adversely affected by problem property that they need to sell. We are doing our best to help unstick the currently-stuck Welsh housing market, to allow sellers to bring closure to their Welsh property problems, so that they move on with their lives.

David is a proudly Accredited Landlord throughout all Welsh Councils as certificated and monitored by Landlord Accreditation Wales. You can check David’s Landlord Accreditation Wales status here. We’re also active members of the National Landlord’s Association.

Read our full About Us page, including background information on our founder David Bartlett.[/toggle][toggle title=”Will a Fast House Sale be right for me?” open=”no”]Honestly, selling your house for cash works brilliantly for some people, but not for everyone.

The truth is, we just won’t know whether it might be an option for you until we’ve spoken, as everyone’s situation is unique. We promise you this though: If we don’t think that it will work for you, then we’ll tell you! (And we’ll come up with some other possible outcomes for you too.)

Unlike many of our competitors, we 100% realise that It’s all about YOU. Unless we can present an offer that works well for you, then we fully realise that there is no deal for us in return! We only ever work on a Win-Win basis; that is the deal must work for you first before we can even think about making it work for us.

As a business, you’ll appreciate that a quick house sale will also have to work for us too and we work best with clients that are open and honest with us in return. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s most important to you, whether it be best price or speed and certainty and we’ll work together to figure out a package that works well for you.

We’re proud to be open, honest and ethical human beings. We hate the high-pressure “salesman” approach and we don’t agree with that business model. We don’t use any sales gimmicks, clever mind tricks, pressure tactics, etc. Just like you, we want to sleep peacefully at night and we want our mums to be proud of us and what we do. We thrive on the good feeling that we get when we help people like you sell your house fast, solve their property problems so that you can move on with your life.

To find out whether a selling your house for cash might work for you, you need to let us know that you want to sell your house for cash.[/toggle][toggle title=”How does the process work?” open=”no”]The first step is for you to tell us that you want to ‘sell my house fast‘. We’ll  call you and listen to your situation and help you work out what needs to happen, and when. We discuss your available options and build a free, no-obligation offer that will work for you first, and us second. Upon your acceptance, we jump into action and ensure a smooth, guaranteed sale process so that you can move on with your life.

To get started, complete this 30-second form to tell us that you are serious about selling your house for cash.[/toggle][toggle title=”How Quick can you Buy My House?” open=”no”]How quick do you need? This is our business, and this is what we do. We’re frequent buyers and so we are used to buying houses fast. We have the fastest local solicitors and both genuine cash available and fast financing in place, so we can move at the speed that’s most appropriate to you.

Whilst a traditional house sale might take several months, for a standard freehold purchase without any complications, we usually exchange and complete the sale and you get the money within two weeks. If needed, we can even act quicker than that and we can complete within days.[/toggle][toggle title=”How do you value my property?” open=”no”]We have years of property buying experience in South Wales and we know most areas well enough to make an on-the-spot cash offer when we first view your property.

We use the same valuation systems and methods that professional, independent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) use when they are instructed to value a property. We are happy to share these reports with you so that you can understand the market value of your property yourself.

If your property proves to be challenging to value, we’ll discuss with you the option of employing an independent RICS surveyor to establish the ‘market value’ of your property.

To get a value, all you need to do is get in touch to sell your house quickly.[/toggle][toggle title=”What the difference between an Estate Agent valuation and Market Value?” open=”no”]

Estate Agents quote a guide asking price or guide price valuation, which is initially used to market your property to potential buyers. If buyers are interested, they will almost certainly offer against this asking price, sometimes these offers will be considerably less. Even after accepting an offer through a prospective buyer via an estate agent, there are no guarantees that the sale will actually complete at this price. Commonly, prospective buyers will try to further reduce the sale price, most often citing problems identified by a surveyor. Worse still, it’s a sad statistic that nationally, here in the UK, one in three sales fall through some months down the line, after costly solicitors fees have already started to mount-up as prospective buyers discover that they cannot raise the necessary finance, or their personal circumstances, thoughts and feelings change.

The Market Value is the amount at which the property is likely to be sold, given a reasonable time to advertise the property (normally 3 months). The Market Value is often some way below the Estate Agent’s asking price/guide valuation, as surveyors know that buyers will almost always offer below the asking price and so a property rarely ever sells for the estate agent asking price. An independent RICS surveyor is commonly used to attempt to establish the Market Value of a property if a buyer needs to fund the purchase with a mortgage.

Our fast cash offer is different. Our fast cash offer is net of all costs: there are no fees for your to pay when you sell to us, as we’ll refund them on completion. Unlike many others in this industry, once your sale price is agreed, we will never engage in any sneaky tactics to try to force you to drop your price at the last minute. You can be confident that The Price We Say Is The Price We Pay.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Are there any Fees to pay?” open=”no”]There are no fees when you sell to us. We will refund all fees normally associated with the sale of a property upon successful sale completion to us. By selling direct to us, you will not have to pay any estate agent fees (if you have already engaged the services of an estate agent, we can advise you on an individual basis dependent on the contract you have with them). We will help with call other fees: conveyancing solicitors, mortgage, EPCs, surveyors, etc. Please ask us about this when we talk.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do I have to pay for a valuation?” open=”no”]Almost all of our competitors will give you a vague–often massively inflated–“offer” over the phone, or by email, and then ask you to pay a large valuation fee in order to send someone out to make their real first offer, if they even buy at all. We view this as a bit of a shady sales technique, to hook you in and to get you to commit your own money so that it’s difficult for you to walk away once the process is started.

It goes without saying that we don’t agree with this technique and we don’t do this ourselves. We don’t charge you money to visit you, and we don’t send quasi-independent valuers. We know South Wales and we visit you ourselves, in person to properly advise you on your situation. If we feel that we cannot provide you with a confident valuation ourselves, then we’ll discuss with you how using a properly independent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey will help to establish the Market Value of your property.[/toggle][toggle title=”What percentage do you pay?” open=”no”]

It goes without saying that we’re a business and so we look for buying opportunities, which means that rather than just working to a fixed percentage we look for different angles and opportunities that will help you sell your house. It’s fair to say that for our clients that have selected to have a guaranteed fast genuine all-cash sale, they have been open to having a cash offer. Having said that, it’s also worth noting that in the past we’ve also paid 100% of the Market Value of a property. And, if we’ve spotted what we think is an opportunity, on the rare occasion we’ve even paid above than the Market Value!

Rather than attempt to apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy by lazily quoting formulas/percentages over the phone, we prefer to get to know you and your individual property situation. In this way, we often find there’s a key value point that our ‘fixed-percentage’ contemporaries have overlooked. Using this technique, we are confident that our offer will ‘tick all your boxes’ and get the deal done. We 100% realise that if we cannot make the deal work for you first, then there will certainly be no deal for us either!

[/toggle][toggle title=”What type of property do you buy?” open=”no”]We buy all property, in all conditions throughout South Wales. We buy houses, flats, commercial premises and land.[/toggle][toggle title=”Where do you buy?” open=”no”]We buy all over South Wales, most usually in the CF, SA and NP postcode areas. Our geographical limits are roughly: Llanelli to the West, the Welsh-English border to the East, the Brecon Beacons to the North and the coast to the South!

We don’t claim to buy all over the UK or the World — we prefer to be the experts in our patch, so that we can give you the best advice to move you forward. We don’t currently buy property outside of our patch, and certainly not in England — we don’t like paying the Severn Bridge toll to come back into our glorious country! (Unless the deal is too good to miss!) ;-)[/toggle][toggle title=”I’m in no rush to sell, can you still help?” open=”no”]Absolutely! Each and every deal is put together to meet to your individual requirements. If you want convenience and security but aren’t in a rush to sell, we can offer you a guaranteed sale that will complete in a timescale chosen by you, allowing you to make plans for your future.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do I have to find a solicitor?” open=”no”]It’s up to you. Over the years, we have found a number of local solicitors who understand how to work quickly and to the highest legal standards (getting both is surprisingly rare!) and we will encourage you to use those to ensure a swift and ‘painless’ sale.

Separately, if you want to use your own solicitors, then that’s fine by us too but please be aware that we often find that sales complete much slower in this case.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?” open=”no”]We’ll take care of this. It is a legal requirement that a property has a valid EPC to be sold, so if you don’t already have one then allow us to arrange one on your behalf to save you the bother. (If your property is already on the market with an Estate Agent then it’s highly likely that already have one, as an agent cannot legally advertise a property without one.)[/toggle][toggle title=”How is my mortgage paid off?” open=”no”]Following the sale of your house and on receipt of the money, your solicitor will clear your outstanding mortgage balance for you.[/toggle][toggle title=”Can I sell my house with setting tenants?” open=”no”]To us? Yes, no problems. You can sell your property to us even if it is tenanted. Please let us know that your property is tenanted when we speak.

(Whilst we can buy with a tenancy in situ, it is worth noting that it’s very difficult to sell your property on the traditional Estate Agent market if you have sitting tenants.)[/toggle][toggle title=”Can I stay in my property after I sell it to you?” open=”no”]

No. We do not offer Sale and Rent Bank (SRB) and never have. Sale and Rent Back has been effectively closed-down by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority as distressed sellers were often being misled and being put in a vulnerable position by our competitors in the industry.

As an ethical business, we have no interest in becoming involved in a practice that does not put it’s customers first, every time. Our integrity and reputation is the most important asset that we have, so staying on is regrettably not an option if you sell your house for cash to us.

[/toggle][toggle title=”What happens to the property after I sell my house fast to you?” open=”no”]As home buyers, we explore a number of avenue for your property after you’ve sold it.

Most usually, we seek to rent the property to people that are fed-up with renting from other, often careless landlords and want to create a good home for themselves. Occasionally, we might renovate and/or sell a property so we can free-up cash funds to be able to help another local seller who needs to sell their house after you.

Our business is helping sellers to sell, so that they can move on with their lives.[/toggle][/accordian]