Negative Equity in New Tredegar

Sell House in Negative Equity
Mrs B in New Tredegar was in Negative Equity; the amount she owed on her mortgage was much more than her house was worth. The home did hold hold any happy memories for her, Mrs B had now remarried and moved into a new home elsewhere. She wanted her previous marital home sold, so she could move on with her life.

Mrs B had made peace with the fact that she was in very long term negative equity and was willing to accept a loss on the sale of the house. The mortgage had not been paid for months and the mortgage bank would surely soon move to make her bankrupt. She discounted the asking price of her house to well below the mortgage still owed and braced herself for a sale at a loss. Worse still, being in a small town in the Welsh Valleys in which the housing market had ground to a standstill, Mrs B found herself unable to sell her house at any reasonable price, using the normal estate agent channels.

Much worse, a serious illness in her family rightly demanded her focus and the unsold house became a huge emotional and financial burden on Mrs B and her family. It was all getting too much.

Mrs B contacted us through our website; we made it our business to find a solution for Mrs B so she could rightly focus on her family during this difficult time. We bought Mrs B’s house and–using our knowledge of the mortgage market and how lender’s operate–we were able to negotiate a 92% debt write-off of her negative equity. Better still, we were able to negotiate that the remaining 8% mortgage debt to be paid of over the long term for a monthly payment of just £20.

We were proud to be able to help Mrs B bring an enormous and very emotional property problem to complete closure, allowing her to focus on her family at this important time. We get a real buzz out of helping people break-through seemingly impossible situations to find peace and tranquility on the other side. It was out honour to work with Mrs B and her family.

Ex-Local Authority flat in Risca, near Newport, of non-standard concrete construction

Sell Ex Local Authority flat
Mr J was frustrated that he had not been able to sell his ex-Local Authority flat in Risca, near Newport, which was of non-standard concrete construction, through a local estate agent. It had been his previous home, but Mr J had moved out some time ago to live with his wife. He had recently rented-out the flat to tenants, who had not looked after it particularly well and, worse, the copper pipework had been stolen shortly after they had vacated, leaving the property to suffer from water damage. (Thieves tend to just rip-out any copper piping that they can find, without isolating the mains water first, which can cause a lot of damage to an empty property.)

Mr J needed to raise some cash for alteration to his current home, to make it more accessible to his disabled wife and so had decided to sell his flat. The local agent was not able to find a buyer for the property, now water damaged, and Mr J began to despair. We met Mr J and he steered us towards a fast, all-cash offer for his flat which we completed very quickly, allowing him to convert his problem property into the ready-cash needed to make the home improvements he needed, so he could focus on his retirement and look after his wife.

We were honoured to be asked to help Mr J, where others had tried and failed. We wish him the very best for his well deserved retirement.