For people like you, the are many reasons for selling your house fast. A quick house sale can help bring closure to a whole range of property problems.

Here are some of the most common:

Inheritance: Sell an inherited property to bring emotional closure and release locked-in equity.
Divorce / Separation: Selling your house might be the final matter to resolve to bring your closure, so you can move on.
Debt: Struggling to meet the mortgage payments or other money worries?
Repossession: Banks are ruthless. Act now to avoid them taking your home and making you bankrupt.
Fed up with your Estate Agent? Turns out their ‘valuation’ was just a poor guess.
Failed sale? Bad news: Your buyer just dropped out. Here’s what you can do now.
Slow chain? You’ve found your ideal next home, but you can’t sell yours.
Needs too much work? Your house isn’t selling because it needs too much work. We can do that!
Slow local market? Let’s be realistic. We’re in Wales, not London!
Difficult area? Resale in difficult areas are just plain tough. Let us see if we can help you.
Relocation / Emmigration: You’re moving away. Be sure to fix your property problems before you go.
Traditional house sales are slooooow: We buy using rocket-fast solicitors. We use cash, so don’t need to wait for surveyors, estate agents, etc.
Unmortgageable property? Banks won’t lend against certain types of property, or houses in an unmortgageable condition. We buy wish cash, so can sidestep the banks!
Too embarrassed to have people see your home? This is more common than you think. Call us, we don’t judge (and we’ve seen it all before).
Negative Equity? Think you can’t sell? Think again. I bet your estate agent hasn’t told you about this one (hint: they can’t get a commission recommending this technique!)
Tired of being a landlord? We understand! It’s much harder work and less profitable that it should be, isn’t it? We have some great options for you.

This list of reasons for selling your house fast isn’t exhaustive by any means. Contact us now and our first step will be to work together to understand your situation, so that together we can work out some options to take you forward so that you can sell your house.

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