Selling your inherited property? 

First of all, let me start by saying that I’m sorry that you’ve lost someone close to you. Being surrounded by property all day can sometimes make home buyers like me lose sight of the bigger picture: that you’ve suffered an emotional loss and the sale of an inherited house is often something that you don’t want to have to handle. I promise to be sensitive to that throughout this process and will do my best to help you at this difficult time.

Selling your inherited house brings closure to a difficult chapter

We find that selling an inherited home is usually the amongst the final stages of bringing closure to a sometimes difficult and sensitive family matter. We encourage beneficies to think about whether a fast and certain house sale to a professional home buyer might provide an overall better outcome that leaving the house on the open market for months–years even–and thus not getting the closure that you need to move on.

Selling an inherited property that needs updating

The vast majority of inherited houses need updating and they will likely struggle to sell using an estate agent to anyone other than professional property investors like ourselves. This being the case, do you think that it might be better to approach us direct to make you an offer for your inherited property, thus avoiding having to pay costly estate agent fees?

An alternative might be for you and your fellow beneficiaries to undertake the modernisation and refurbishment/renovation yourself. If the house is in a desirable area, this can be a good idea but just be really careful not to overspend on the renovation. Most people massively underestimate the costs and timescales involved in undertaking even a simple-sounding refurbishment. Think about whether you and the other beneficiaries really have the time, skill and inclination to undertake such a project youselves?

If not, you can pay a premium to have a builder undertake the project for you — but please, please, please don’t think this makes it easy. Many people have suffered serious stress working with the folks in the building trade — not all builders are good to their word and sadly we’ve bought many properties from clients that have tried–and failed–to manage their own refurbishment projects and would now say that they wish they had sold to us before getting themselves into an even more stressful state!

No fees for selling an inherited house

You may be having to foot a large inheritance tax bill in addition to having to pay for estate agent fees, solicitors, gas and electrical safety test certificates, energy performance certificates, the list goes on. Whilst we cannot advise you on tax issues, selling your house to us will remove many of these expenses from your desk — we’ll cover many of them. When you sell to us there are no fees commonly associated with the sale of a house.

No hassle to sell your inheritance property

We understand that the probate process is complex, tiring and often raises family disagreements and disputes. We can help you negotiate selling your inheritance property with the other parties involved and make the sale as hassle free as possible.

Inheritance house sale with multiple beneficiaries

Selling your inherited house can sometimes be difficult if other beneficiaries are involved. If’s a challenging subject to approach, but often we find that an inherited property with multiple beneficiaries can add complexity due to the reality that most often different people are in different places in life: georgraphically, financially and emotionally. A lot of the time, different people are looking for different outcomes. We can help you negotiate selling your inherited property.

It’s important for the inheriting beneficiaries, usually family members such as siblings, try to come together to work out a good option that works well for everyone: bearing in ming that “good enough” is often the most realistic outcome.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the more beneficiaries involved, the smaller everyone’s share of the sale procceds will be. It’s worth thinking about this in advance of selling an inherited house as a fast offer from a cash home buyer might well result in each individual share being quite close in real terms to the amount that you might achieve if leaving the inherited property on the traditional house market with an estate agent for months and month.

We encourage beneficiaries selling an inherited house to think about whether a reasonable concession on price might be a valuable trade-off in exchange for speed and certainty of sale?

Sensitive to the fact that you've suffered the loss of a loved one, let us help you sell your inherited house in the fastest, most certain and painless way:

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