Selling a property with tenants in situ is possible to a cash home buyer like House Buyers Wales. (It is generally not possible to sell a tenanted house via the traditional estate agent market as most buyers will be owner-occupiers and will need to finance their purchase with a mortgage which will insist on your house being ‘vacant posession’, i.e. untenanted).

Read on for how we can help you sell a property with tenants.

Tired landlord?
Want to sell your tenanted house?
We don’t blame you! Contrary to what many people believe, it’s actually pretty tough being a good landlord. The costs of running a rental property can be enormous and often the rent doesn’t cover the long-term outgoings.

Generally people get into buy-to-let believing that having one or two rental properties will provide a nice monthly income or a jump in capital values to help in retirement. A couple of months or years into the experience most people realise that they have massively underestimated the financial costs, regulatory headaches and emotional worry that can come with the territory of managing tenants.

It’s almost always true to say that most tired landlords have discovered that no tenant will ever look after you home like you would. Worse still, many tenants see paying the rent as quite a bit further down their list of priorities than their a landlord does!

Can I sell a tenanted property?

You can sell a tenanted property to us. As a home buyer with cash funds and established commercial finance facilities in place, we are able to buy your house with existing tenants in place.

Distressed landlord?

Sell your rental portfolio quickly Need to get the banks off your back? If the banks are applying pressure on you to reduce your loan-to-value, or worse, calling in your property mortgages and loans then get in touch with us now so we can work with you to figure out the best way to sell your rental portfolio so that you come out as cleanly as possible. We’ll help you cut your losses and release you from you mortgage bondage to the banks!Selling your rental property portfolio to retireIf you’re a portfolio landlord and are now looking to cash-out and retire, then get in touch with us. As you’re no doubt aware, the benefits of selling a property portfolio to one buyer removes most of the headaches of cashing out your business so that your can retire.

You’ll deal with one buyer, and using our commercial finance facility we have the ability to complete the deal in one go. As you’ve discovered a direct buyer, you won’t have any multiples of estate agency fees to pay and on completion to us we will be able to cover all the legal fees of a portfolio sale.

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